Recapping the 2017 MNCC Summer Workshop

On July 11, the Minnesota Composting Council held the 2017 summer workshop in Stillwater, MN with a focus on organics collection programs in the state of Minnesota and some of its biggest communities. The workshop featured speakers who've taken part in the establishment and management of organics recycling programs, as well as composters who've faced the unique challenge of contamination in their efforts.

Natur-Blog Highlight: Chesapeake Bay Foundation "Bands in the Sand" 2017

With summer in full bloom, Natur-Bag partnered with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) in order to donate our biobased compostable cutlery for the CBF's "Bands in the Sand" event which has been held over the last 10 years and "has raised more than $1.3 million to support CBF's efforts to defend and protect the Bay..."

Natur-Blog Highlight: Charlotte, NC's Spectrum Center

As part of an ongoing effort to highlight dedicated and passionate organics recycling and diversion programs across the country, Natur-Blog spoke to the team heading up the recycling program at Charlotte, NC's Spectrum Center, home of the Charlotte Hornets. This is a summary of how their program was founded and the success they've seen since its inception.

Natur-Blog Highlight: Chatham County's Family Fishing Fiesta

As part of Natur-Blog's efforts to highlight and aid local and regional events focused on diversion and sustainability, we took a look at a recent event held in North Carolina which serves as a great example of how to hold a successful community event while also being mindful of waste and where it ends up.

Q&A with Bellingham, WA's Community Food Co-op

As part of an ongoing effort to highlight dedicated and passionate organics recycling and diversion programs across the country, Natur-Blog reached out to Bellingham, Washington's Community Food Co-op to learn a bit more about their program's history, results, and the reception it received in the community.

We spoke to Melissa Elkins, Community Food Co-op's Sustainability Coordinator and Administrative Assistant.

Recapping the 2017 USCC Conference & Tradeshow

Once again, the annual US Composting Council brought together some of the country's most prominent composting and zero waste minds to share success stories, local and national legislative efforts, and the latest in composting advances.

The 2017 conference was no different and we were proud to not only learn from some of the best industry minds, but also to exhibit and start numerous discussions on sustainability - not to mention enjoying the closing ceremonies which took a fun look at USCC's past, present and future!

Compostable vs Oxo Degradable

Thousands of products labeled with terms such as "biodegradable", "biobased," and "compostable," are being developed for a variety of applications. However, there is still much confusion, misunderstanding, and misinformation on terms like biodegradability, oxo-degradability, anaerobic digestion, landfill degradation or biodegradation, marine biodegradation of plastics. Claims are made without substantiation with hard scientific data or the data provided has little or nothing to do with substantiating biodegradation.