Recapping the 2017 USCC Conference & Tradeshow

Once again, the annual US Composting Council brought together some of the country's most prominent composting and zero waste minds to share success stories, local and national legislative efforts, and the latest in composting advances.

The 2017 conference was no different and we were proud to not only learn from some of the best industry minds, but also to exhibit and start numerous discussions on sustainability - not to mention enjoying the closing ceremonies which took a fun look at USCC's past, present and future!

Compostable vs Oxo Degradable

Thousands of products labeled with terms such as "biodegradable", "biobased," and "compostable," are being developed for a variety of applications. However, there is still much confusion, misunderstanding, and misinformation on terms like biodegradability, oxo-degradability, anaerobic digestion, landfill degradation or biodegradation, marine biodegradation of plastics. Claims are made without substantiation with hard scientific data or the data provided has little or nothing to do with substantiating biodegradation.

Organic Waste Diversion in Schools

Effective separation of organic waste is critical to the success of an organics diversion program. Natur-Bag compostable products help to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and also improve processing at compost facilities to ensure a high-quality end product.

Vermont Coffee Company

The Challenge

Vermont Coffee Company recently opened a café on site. Once the café opened they were faced with a challenge of what to do with the 50 pounds of coffee grounds that they generated on a weekly basis. As coffee grounds tend to be hot, wet and heavy, finding the right compostable liner is essential for a successful program.

Simplifying Food Waste Collection in Restaurants

The Challenge

Located on Lake Merritt in Oakland, California, Lake Chalet Seafood Bar & Grill is a destination for fine dining. The restaurant offers diners a variety of fresh seafood dishes and gorgeous lakeside seating.